Taking Advantages Of Opportunities On The Road (Guest Post)

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Tips and Resources

After having spent over two years in Peru, my husband and I decided we were open to a new challenge – a very colossal, crazy and somewhat difficult challenge – but that did not stop us from going down that route at all. In fact, we find we thrive more in challenging situations; one thing for sure, life is never dull when we are around.

My family and I set out to undertake a road trip from Peru to Canada with no plans in between whatsoever. Our initial idea was to find opportunities as we travelled and that included volunteering positions, house sits, hostel sits and whatever else happened to come our way. And so far it has worked a treat.

The ‘we’ in this equation, is myself, Michelle, a content writer for small businesses; Matt, a hotel manager and English Teacher; and our two kids, Emilia and Matthew, now 11 and 6 respectively.

We started in Cusco, Peru as planned and drove North in the general direction of North America driving through Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. We are currently doing a house sit in Granada, Nicaragua for two weeks while the owners are in Canada for a wedding. It is all about the timing!

Other than our current housesit in Nicaragua, we have been fortunate to have done a house sit in Costa Rica complete with indoor pool, three dogs and two cats, and 4 hostel sits in Colombia and Panama. Keeping an open mind to our plans and destinations is the secret to our success.

We find we can’t plan too far ahead as it becomes too unrealistic. Saying that however, other than 10 days of unknown travel in approximately two weeks, we have our destinations sourced right up to November – that includes 6 weeks in San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala and one month in Akumal, Mexico. After that, we have no idea although we have our feelers out for house sits in Mexico from November 2016 to March 2017. Not bad for someone without a plan!

Announcing our desires in advance, helps us find what we are looking for. If no one knows about our plans, then we struggle to find suitable house sits. So putting it out there on social media is a very effective way to get the ball rolling and to find ideal properties that are a match for our family.

Our best tip for housesitting is to follow the owner’s lead. It is not our job to spring clean or redecorate unless they have specifically requested it. It is their house, and we respect the rules.

One of our favourite house sits was managing a hostel in San Gil, Colombia named La Pacha. It was rural living but with plenty of house guests and we got to meet some amazing people. They had yurts and geo domes for accommodation, and their living room was an old bus complete with DVD library and board games. You don’t get to experience opportunities like that every day of the week.

So while, we may not know what is happening come November, we are excited about what the future brings. I guess that in itself ticks the challenge box that we were seeking when we set off on this extraordinary adventure.

Michelle Tupy