Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala

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Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala

We are Americans living in Guatemala, and we like to travel anywhere that we have never been. We also like to repeat places that we fall in love with.

Our home is just outside of Guatemala City in the mountains of Santa Catarina Pinula. The space has 3 floors with the 3rd floor having a garage, kitchen, living room, balcony, and half bath. The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms all with attached baths, a courtyard, and a balcony. The 1st floor has a laundry room, a bathroom with an attached bath, a playroom with a bathroom, and an outdoor patio with a small yard.

The house has no air conditioning or heat, as it is not needed. This is the land of eternal spring and the house has sliding glass doors and windows to open up throughout in order to let the wonderful weather in.

The house has 3 flights of stairs, but if a person cannot navigate the stairs then they can sleep on the sofa to avoid them.

Our home is not luxurious. We are a family with 5 kids still in the house. What we do have is wonderful outdoor living and a real Guatemalan experience.

We have cats and dogs, so we cannot accommodate guests with uncontrolled allergies. The pets will likely be boarded while we travel unless prior arrangements are made.

Our yard (and occasionally house) is filled with critters, including spiders, birds, mosquitoes, beetles, ants, etc. There is no way to avoid them.

The house is in a gated commune with a shared clubhouse with gym, basketball courts, soccer field, tennis courts, walking trails, and pool. There is an abundance of wildlife and trees in the community which has made it a favorite of our kids. There is 24-hour security.

We can provide a vehicle, but, if you are not comfortable driving in crazy traffic, then Uber works well.

Address Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala