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Korhaan Rd, South Africa

Morning Worldschoolers,

We live on a ranch in Pretoria, South Africa and planning to travel Europe till the end of this year! Our house and cottage will be available for rent. We live on about 9 hectare and have peach, apricot, pear and pecan nut trees! A huge pool for the summer and fire place for the winter. Tennis court and small soccer field.

We have a 3 bedroom house with school room/study. Also an outside loft cottage. Our neighbors have zebras and bucks. There are lots of running/cycling/horse riding around us. Even a wall climbing barn in the next street. Please pm me if you are interested. We rent the house and cottage for only $1300pm.

Edited to add: Thanks for all the responses and messages. Just to cover a few questions I received:
* I forgot to post pictures of the cottage. Will do so now!( So basically two families can easily live here)
* Yes, we are close to schools, actually we have a Waldorf school 5min from us. And one of the worldschool moms on here, Elize Venters’, son goes there. She also have a Game Lodge not to far from here where you can spend the night or weekend to see wild animals 😉
* Yes, we do have space for more animals if you wish. We had quinea pigs and chickens in different cages. But have lots of space to put more. At the moment our neighbors have their horses roam here!
* We use borehole water. You can plant your own vegetable garden.
* We are about 10km from the closest shopping centre and about 15km to a mall
* We are very involved in our homeschool community and if you like I can introduce you to a few other homeschoolers. We use to have a monthly get together at my house and you are free to do the same.
* Its very central to take weekly trips to neighboring countries such as Mozambique(our favorite😜, and so inexpensive) Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland or go see the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
Please do ask if you have more questions. 😉

Country South Africa
State/Province Gauteng
distance: 9,324 Kilometers
Address Korhaan Rd, South Africa