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Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

We may be able to offer something a little different from the usual Worldschooler kid (and parent) experience. We provide English education to local Japanese children, so we see our situation as one where Worldschooler kids can get some time to learn and play with Japanese kids in an English environment, while the Worldschooler parents can get the odd day of “downtime” away from their kids while on their travels.

Being as brief as we can: We established Rainbow Learning Centres almost 20 years ago in a suburb between Osaka and Kyoto, Japan. We are close to both regional international airports and to the cross-country bullet-train stations, as well as two of the major train lines between Osaka and Kyoto, so access is easy.

We offer a range of programs for all ages, aimed at helping Japanese learn conversational English skills and global culture. At our preschools, our goal is precisely that; to provide kids with a safe, immersive environment in which to develop their early learning skills using communicative English as the medium. We guide the kids from a global perspective and our teachers come from many different countries, but the language of instruction is always English. Therefore, Worldschoolers’ children would be in a situation where they would have the opportunity to learn or improve their English – if they are not already native speakers – while playing and learning alongside Japanese children. Even for English speaking children, it would be an opportunity to meet and befriend kids from a very different culture than their own in a fun, learner-focused environment.

Our local students attend anywhere from 1-4 days per week, for 5 hours a day. Most days, the groups are aged 2-5 years, but on Saturdays, we have kids in attendance as old as 9. This means we can include Worldschooler children of almost any age from kindergarten through about grade 5 depending on the day, though we could construct specialty curricula for even older children than that of course. There is no minimum attendance requirement – kids can attend multiple days while in the area, or for only one day on a drop-in basis if that fits better with parents’ plans as they travel through our area.

We do not charge anything if parents want to have their children attend for only one day, as we see it as adding to the experience of our own Japanese students. It is therefore possible, given our location near many Japanese cultural, historical and commercial points of interest, that parents would be able to drop their kids off while they get some private time, catch up on essentials shopping or explore places of interest that their young kids might not be so keen on. If parents want to enrol their kids for more than one day, we would charge no more than ¥500 (about US$5) per hour, or $25 per day of attendance. Again, we see it as a benefit for our local students to have international friends attend.

Our preschool curriculum is, naturally, aimed at helping Japanese kids become functionally fluent, so the priority is on developing English vocabulary and usage, but there is a healthy balance of speaking activities, singing and rhythm time, reading and writing, and outright play time, including crafts and outdoor play. Our kids learn about other parts of the world and our teaching staff all speak fluent English, while coming from Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Columbia and the US, so those languages, as well as Chinese, are also represented here. The Japanese office staff all speak some English, so communication is never a problem.

In addition to regular preschool, we also offer special summer programs, which incorporate additional crafts and excursions to child-friendly locations like activity centres, museums, parks and science centres. We also have seasonal themes and activities, such as Christmas and Halloween parties, as well as local Japanese festival activities and crafts on those respective dates.

Country Japan
State/Province Ōsaka-fu
distance: 9,257 Kilometers
Address Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  1. Nicola Jones said on April 23, 2017 12:10 pm:

    Our three boys, aged 5, 9 and 11 at the time, thoroughly enjoyed attending Rainbow Learning Centre weekly for 3 months in 2016. The boys loved meeting all the local kids and looked forward to going every week to play with their new friends. We worried that perhaps our eldest, being a bit older than the other kids, might not enjoy attending but it turned out to be one of the highlights of his time in Japan. Our boys felt so welcome and we can see how their experiences getting to know the other kids had a huge positive impact on their lives. Now, one year later and back home in the U.K, we can see how open they are to getting to know new people from all backgrounds and how their attitudes generally are more considerate of different views.

    We would wholeheartedly recommend Rainbow Learning Centre to all worldschoolers – a fabulous experience for the kids and some welcome free time for mums and dads.

  2. eunicechinws said on April 24, 2017 3:18 pm:

    We were invited to visit Rainbow Learning Center during our time in Japan. The boys spent about 5 hours with Melinda and her team, and loved every minutes of it. My husband and I were truly appreciated the offer because the opportunity allowed the boys to learn with the local kids. It also gave the adults some free time to be together (we were traveling full time, being with kids 24/7 can be real challenge at times). During the 5 hours, the team updated us about the kids progress. It allowed us, the parents the reassurance we needed since the kids were placed in a new environment.
    We would recommend Rainbow Learning Center, should any worldshoolers head that way.

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    christi.moody said on May 6, 2017 11:23 am:

    This April I took a 2 week trip to Japan from our current home in Australia. I was thrilled that my daughter Eden (3 years old) was invited to visit Rainbow Learning Centre for the full day on a Saturday class. What I had not expected was just how helpful and kind the staff were at Rainbow Learning Centre; in terms of giving us guidance on where to get trains, how to get tickets, detailed information on how to get to the school, and even invaluable tourist advice for the day trip we took to Kyoto while Eden visited the kindergarten. When we arrived, the classroom already had a photo of Eden up welcoming her & introducing her to the other children – I was thoroughly impressed & appreciative at all the efforts made to make her feel at home. During the day I was sent photos and updates, and I felt very safe leaving her in capable hands. Eden had a brilliant experience, and often asks if she can visit her “Japanese Kindergarten” again. I would highly recommend at least a day visit (next time I think we would book in for longer) for any worldschooling families visiting Japan Cannot thank Melinda & her husband enough for all they did for us, and Eden on our trip to Osaka. Many thanks.

  4. seanjsong said on November 25, 2019 1:22 am:

    Before I travelled to Japan with my family in July-Aug this year, I saw this page and see people leaving comments here about their kids’ experience in Rainbow Learning Centre. I contacted the school and got reply from Melinda confirming the they are still hosting worldschoolers.

    Because of our itinerary we only had one day for kids (6 years old daughter and 4 years old son) to experience in the school. My kids had a great time playing and learning together with local kids, meanwhile my wife and I had a relaxed day to go around on our own. Many thanks to Melinda and her husband, very hospitable and considerate. Thank you!