Quito, Ecuador. Three Bedroom Apartment in 50's charming building.

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We are a binational spanishs-colombian family: Rafael (50) Johanna (41) Malena (13) and Antonia (9) living in Quito, Ecuador. We both work in the international development cooperation field and because of that our daugthers have lived in four different countries and Malena was born in Bogota (Colombia) and Antonia in Rabat (Morocco) We are homeschoolers from 2018 and we would love exchange experiences and home with other HS families all around the world.

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Ecuador, Quito

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. The Yasuní National Park is, in fact, the place with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Quito is the firs city declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1978 and it has the biggest colonial city center in Latin America. From here, yo can reach a volcano over 5900 meters high with permanent snow in less than two hours by car; spectacular hot springs in the middle of wonderful green mountains in less than one 1 hour, or the amazonian basin tropical rain forest in less than four hours. The beach is a little far away, but not more than 5 hours.

We live very close to the middle of the world in a 200 square meters apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (5 people sleeping) located in La Floresta, one of the most beautiful and interesting neighborhood in Quito. It’s a small building from the 50’s with a sunny front garden with two big palms. We have a cat called Dali staying at home. Maria, the women helping us with the house keeping, could come a few hour a day to watch the cat and helping with cleaning (free of charges) Cooking help is optional too.
We would like to swap home for up to one month with an english speaking country but open also to other options. Preferable between March and October in the northern hemisphere. The opposite in the southern.

distance: 9,252 Kilometers
Address Ecuador, Quito