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My family is located in the southern part of Greece, in Laconia region of the Peloponnese and we just love this place! Natural beauty, unspoiled beaches and fabulous food (by the way we follow a plant based diet). Since homeschooling/unschooling is considered illegal in Greece, we decided to follow a more nomadic life by taking a year off from schooling to travel around Europe. Now we are back in our base and to tell you the truth we miss like minded families who can appreciate all that this superb location has to offer and that’s why we make every attempt possible to connect. We even organised the first Worldschoolers summit in January 2016 and we had a great time with our visitors. For the moment I am gaining valuable insights into homeschooling/unschooling from our visitors, since we started organising events here at out Porto Grana worldschoolers hub. It is a fascinating experience to talk with so many different but like minded parents and meeting the children. Personally I follow a secular free thinking attitude towards learning through living our life.

Read another interview here: https://www.worldschoolerconnect.com/worldschooler-of-the-week-evangelos-vlachakis-porto-grana-worldschooler-hub/

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Unnamed Road, Plitra 230 56, Greece

Large dorm space with one bathroom. May sleep up to 10 people in air matressses and floor matresses. Shared kitcthen woth gas stove and microwave oven. One shower but no hot water available at the moment. Ideal for single persons travelling on a budget. Familiew may use our small tents (provided) for extra privacy during sleeping time.
One couch/bed is available for use , as well as a double matress. The space may be used for morning activities and dinner serving, according to the needs of Porto Grana Hub.

Available throughout the year , except summer months.
Price : 10 euros per person /per night

Special offer for families with more than 2 members

Country Greece
State/Province LakoniaLakonia
distance: 2,642 Kilometers
Address Unnamed Road, Plitra 230 56, Greece