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My name is Melissa and I am an aspiring business owner, traveler and organization enthusiast. I am passionate about experiencing the world through travel or through meeting other travelers. Most of my travels will be with my husband and/or my children, because we love experiencing new things together and exposing our kids to various walks of life. Joel and I have been a family since 2005, and our kids were born in 2008 and 2010 (so you can know their current ages).

What I enjoy doing, besides spending as much time as possible with family and friends, is creating solutions, systems and plans. So my job title or place of work may shift but my aim remains the same wherever I go. I like to make things work well :) As for purely recreational activities besides those listed above, I enjoy hiking, cooking, studying and learning languages (slowly). So far I have Spanish and I'm working on Italian.

Our Family, in general: My husband and I have been homeowners since 2005, and just generally know how to take care of a home. We've been working away at a remodel on our current property, doing it as a family with Joel in the lead. He is skilled at wood-working, organic gardening and animals. He has raised chickens for eggs, and even tried his hand at ducks for a while. He hopes to one day add in pigs and goats.

Specifically house sitting: I did several occasional house-sitting jobs as a young adult in college. A family friend would have me come stay at their house while they went away and I would take care of the home and their cat, Tiger Lilly. It was the best.

Specifically about cultural exchange: Joel and I have prioritized a decent amount of travel into our life so far. We've traveled to Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Mexico (and I even lived in Mexico for four months as a young adult). From 2012 to 2016 we participated in a program at our local university, where foreign exchange students would live in our home for several months and be included in our daily life in order to learn English. During those years we hosted 10 students from five different countries: Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Austria and Germany! We are so lucky for the life we shared with these people.

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Hello, we are a homeschooling family with two parents and two kids (actually my husband is the one who does the homeschooling and I support their efforts!). We love animals, we are responsible and considerate of other people’s space, and we are very handy with tools and gardening. We speak English, some Spanish and I am currently learning Italian.

We have had a dream for a few years to take a trip to Italy to live for a few weeks. We aren’t looking for a vacation; we are looking for a place to really live an Italian life, or as close to it as we can! We would bring our homeschooling and our work with us, working online, so we would need some access to wifi.

Do you need a pet sitter, a house sitter, a garden sitter, an organizer, an English tutor, or friend? Or do you know someone who needs any of these things? We hope to be in Italy for up to 3 weeks in June or July of 2020. Please let me know if you are interested!

Address 215 Irvington Drive 97404