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We are a family of 5 that is just starting out in unschooling and world schooling. My husband, Ryan, and I have a 10 year old and two 7 year old's. Right now we are looking to visit different areas of North America as a way of getting our feet wet on this adventure. We are not available for house swaps, currently, so are looking to do house and pet sits. I am allergic to dogs, so we will be a bit limited in that area. We had cats for about 20 years, but currently do not have any pets.

We enjoy board games, crafts and reading when we are home. We tend to spend a day or two exploring an area and then require a day or two at our home base to recharge as two of us are introverts.

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Omaha, NE, USA

Hi! We are a family of five. Due to my husband’s work situation and my oldest attending public school at the moment, I am looking for house/pets sits for myself and my two younger children (twin 7 year old’s) in North America. We’re willing to go pretty much anywhere as we feel that every area is unique and we can learn from the people and experiences of any location. Looking for sits for up to 6 weeks in length as we’ll want to head back home to the Omaha area to reconnect with the rest of our family.

My husband is a department head at an international company that build power systems. I get to play with my younger children all day. We enjoy exploring, reading, crafts, music and board games. One twin is very chatty and is focused on relationships, while the other can make a game out of anything and prefers quite contemplation. My older son is in Cub Scouts and enjoys playing basketball.

We had cats for about 20 years, but currently do not have any pets. My kids are loving and gentle with all animals, however I am allergic to dogs, so we would not be able to take on a pet sit with a dog.

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