Looking for a School that Embraces the Ethos of World Schooling?

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Bellingham, Washington, USA

Explorations Academy is a fully accredited secondary school (grades 6-12) with global education built into the curriculum. Each year, students spend 20% of all school days outside the school exploring both the urban and wilderness areas surrounding beautiful Bellingham, WA, USA. In addition, there is an annual international expedition at both the middles school and high school level that travel well outside the usual tourist circles and get students into small communities where they engage in service work and true cultural exchanges. In recent years these trips have included experiences in Cuba, Kenya, Indonesia, Colombia, Tanzania, Vietnam, Guatemala, Spain, and more. Currently, approximately 25% of our students went through a world-schooling process with their families before deciding that they would benefit from completing their secondary schooling at an accredited facility. The school is SEVIS registered and able to assist in foreign students attending on an F-1 student visa.

The parent of a recent alumna reports:

The students don’t just go to this school, they create it, and the community they find in doing so offers them real acceptance. They can afford to shed cynicism and skepticism. They garden, cook, hike, study, and travel together. Their faculty hold them to intellectual standards yet know them as full human beings. On one of the Washington State History trips, my daughter and her peers learned about firefighting from state smokejumpers, walked 300 feet below water level on a tour of Grand Coulee Dam, understood Washington’s role in the development of plutonium by visiting the Hanford site, and dug fossils outside of Republic. I am a teacher myself, and I can honestly say, this is what education should be. Because my children have been challenged outside of the classroom as well as inside of it, they have developed a strong sense of competence and curiosity. Teenagers want to test themselves, and in the absence of mentorship and opportunity, they may go down destructive paths. This is why I so value the backpacking trips that Explorations takes at the end of the year. My kids learned survival skills, community problem solving, and self-reliance—all of which they will carry forward into the future. I am profoundly grateful to Explorations.

Address Bellingham, Washington, USA