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My family is located in the southern part of Greece, in Laconia region of the Peloponnese and we just love this place! Natural beauty, unspoiled beaches and fabulous food (by the way we follow a plant based diet). Since homeschooling/unschooling is considered illegal in Greece, we decided to follow a more nomadic life by taking a year off from schooling to travel around Europe. Now we are back in our base and to tell you the truth we miss like minded families who can appreciate all that this superb location has to offer and that’s why we make every attempt possible to connect. We even organised the first Worldschoolers summit in January 2016 and we had a great time with our visitors. For the moment I am gaining valuable insights into homeschooling/unschooling from our visitors, since we started organising events here at out Porto Grana worldschoolers hub. It is a fascinating experience to talk with so many different but like minded parents and meeting the children. Personally I follow a secular free thinking attitude towards learning through living our life.

Read another interview here: https://www.worldschoolerconnect.com/worldschooler-of-the-week-evangelos-vlachakis-porto-grana-worldschooler-hub/

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Palea EO Korinthou Patron 101, Kamari 204 00, Greece

Live the local way in the quiet village of Kamari, just 120Km from Athens, away from touristic areas and night life, but at a central point of Peloponnesos, for day trips to many historical sites and traditional cities .

The house has two main levels. On the ground floor a large living room / kitchen combination is situated to the right of the entrance, and a bedroom with a double bed, to the left. A few steps down, is the ground floor bathroom, to the left of the main stairway. The stairway takes you to a middle floor with the second bathroom and washroom, and then up to the first floor, with two more bedrooms opposite each other. Both bedrooms have access to the balcony, and the right bedroom also has a loft which sleeps another two people.

The house has a patio in front of the living room and kitchen, a back yard outside the ground floor bedroom, and a large relaxing balcony outside the two first floor bedrooms with a sea view. The patio and balcony are shaded with bamboo pergolas, keeping it nice and cool at all times of the day.
The house is part of a housing complex, which means you have access to all the common areas, including a common outdoor shower and parking space within the complex.

There is usually someone around, but there is a guide we have put together with all the great things to do in the area, which you can find on the Livingroom table.

There is a pebble beach 50m in front of the house. A couple of Km down the street there is a small water park with a pool and beach bar, and a large sandy beach. There is also a nice sand beach in the next city of Xylokastro, 5Km away.

There are two restaurants in the village of Kamari, both on the water front. The one is a souvlaki place in front of the house, and the other a taverna 400 meters down the road. There are several restaurants in the city of Xylokastro, and some traditional tavernas a short drive up the mountains behind the house. Details are given in the guide at the house.

Xilokastro is a typical local city with all the basic necessities such as supermarkets, all kinds of shops, pharmacies, two outdoor cinemas, bars, hardware stores etc…

Archaeological sites:
Lets start with Ancient Corinth, only 40Km away from the house. Located on the isthmus which connects mainland Greece with the Peloponnese, surrounded by fertile plains and blessed with natural springs, Corinth was an important city in Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman times. Its geographical location, role as a centre of trade, naval fleet, participation in various Greek wars, and status as a major Roman colony meant the city was, for over a millennium, rarely out of the limelight in the ancient world.
You can get more information about Ancient Corinth on the internet.

Then we have Ancient Mycenae, 70Km away from the house.
Mycenae was a fortified late Bronze Age city located between two hills on the Argolid plain of the Peloponnese, Greece. The acropolis today dates from between the 14th and 13th century BCE when the Mycenaean civilization was at its peak of power, influence and artistic expression.
You can read more about Ancient Mycenae on the internet.

Third you have Ancient Olympia, 160Km from the house. Located in the western Peloponnese, Olympia was an ancient Greek sanctuary site dedicated to the worship of Zeus, in whose honour Pan-Hellenic Games were held every four years from 776 BCE to 393 CE.
You can read more about Ancient Olympia on the internet.

And fourth is our favorite, Delphi. Delphi was an important ancient Greek religious sanctuary sacred to the god Apollo. Located on Mt. Parnassus near the Gulf of Corinth, the sanctuary was home to the famous oracle of Apollo which gave cryptic predictions and guidance to both city-states and individuals. In addition, Delphi was also home to the panhellenic Pythian Games.
You can read more about Delphi on the internet.

Hiking and Canyoning:
There is a great hiking trip from the house which follows a local river up a narrow canyon. The canyon starts about 3Km from the house and goes into the mountains for about 3Km. If you are an experienced canyoneer you can follow the same canyon from top to bottom, which is a 5 hour hike. Please let us know if you are interested in coming down the canyon, so we can send you more details.

Dolphins, Scuba Diving and Boating: dolphin watching and scuba diving service by the local expert , only during summer months.

It is recommended that you rent a car upon arrival at the airport, as this will get you from the airport to the house within one and a half hour, and will make getting around locally very easy, as the public transportation and taxis are not very reliable in the area. The ride from the airport to the house is only comfortable highway driving with a few toll booths on the way, so it is good to have some Euro cash on you upon arrival. Once you are in Kamari there is no traffic, and the driving is easy going!

The house is great for babies and children of all ages, with a baby cot and baby high chair, potty, kids toilet seat and a pram upon request.
The common grounds of the housing complex are fenced, so kids can play with out you having to worry about them going far.

The guests are expected to leave the house in the same clean state and in tact, as they found it. The house is not cleaned, and the sheets are not changed during your stay, so it is your responsibility to keep the house in good condition during your stay. If any damages occur, we expect the guests to inform us.
Pets are allowed, as long as they don’t cause any damages.
Smoking is not allowed inside the house.

Country Greece
State/Province KorinthiaKorinthiaKorinthiaKorinthiaKorinthia
distance: 2,502 Kilometers
Address Palea EO Korinthou Patron 101, Kamari 204 00, Greece