Japan – Land of the Rising Sun – 21 Day Teen Learning Community

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Osaka Japan

April 8th – April 28th, 2019

This 21 day learning community takes place in Japan with an emphasis on cultural and customary exploration. During our stay in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ we’ll experience local history, artistry, agriculture, tradition and modern day pop culture, all while exploring the Japanese countryside. This trip is perfectly timed for the cherry blossom season!

Schedule for Japan

Day 1 – Arrival in Osaka, Travel to Zion Guest House
Day 2 – Team building exercises, Gateball Lesson
Day 3 – Calligraphy and Japanese Lessons
Day 4 – Japanese Vegetable Harvest
Day 5 – Story Telling and Relax Day
Day 6 – Go Lesson and Sushi Making
Day 7 – Excursion to Kyoto
Day 8 – Koto Lesson
Day 9 – Excursion to Itsukushima Shrine
Day 10 – Kimono Wearing and Japanese Tea Ceremony
Day 11 – Travel to Teshima Island
Day 12 – Cruising Tour
Day 13 – Local Fishing Class
Day 14– Project ‘Save the Island’
Day 15 – Practice for Puppet Show and Japanese Lessons
Day 16– Storytelling and Relax Day
Day 17 – Travel to Tokyo
Day 18 – Puppet Show in Japanese
Day 19 – Explore Tokyo, Shibuya and Otaku Centre
Day 20 – Half Day in Tokyo, Night bus to Osaka
Day 21 – Teens Fly Home

*Schedule is subject to shift

Address Osaka Japan