Mentorship: Eight Weeks at EcoBeachFarm! in a Tropic Winter, Australia

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Bramston Beach, Queensland, Australia

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Mentorship: Eight Weeks at EcoBeachFarm!

This eight-week mentorship is for young people (and the young in spirit, of any age).

The mentorship is thoroughly grounded in Syntropic methodology in the main, Permaculture design and practice, land regeneration, touching on BioDynamic and always Organic, Green.

This farm has been regenerated over 15 years using no poisons. EcoBeachFarm is situated between World Heritage rainforest, mountains & the ocean, just a 20 min walk to the beach. 100 acres of beautiful, serene and clean land. With mountains to the south and west, ocean to the north and east, the farm gives a sense of peace and well-being.

This eight-weeks mentorship is not only the practical hands on learning in the field. It serves as a powerful gap program, a source of immense personal growth for young people, a hands-on apprenticeship, and a way to enter directly into a thriving career and/or prepare for a successful college experience.

College is extremely expensive (4 times what it was 25 years ago), a degree isn’t worth what it used to be, and it doesn’t really prepare one for the complexities of today’s work challenges (or life challenges).

Whether your son or daughter is going to go to college or dive into a career or self-employment, they need to be super-prepared: motivated by a clear sense of purpose and direction, and outfitted with a powerful set of organisational tools and life skills.

The aptitudes they gain — time management, emotional intelligence, self-care, research and fieldwork, land regeneration, syntropic soil, teamwork, timely initiative, apprenticeship, strength, endurance and resilience will serve them throughout their lives.

Address Bramston Beach, Queensland, Australia