House swap or rent in Christchurch, New Zealand-2bed house- wanting to swap in British Columbia, Canada

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Hi! we are a bilingual family of 4 that loves nature adventuring, creativity in many forms, learning about different cultures and spending time together!
Before becoming a family Matt and I spend a fewww years travelling. some of our destinations were Canada, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India, Malasia, Nepal, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain.
The last 5 years we have dedicated ourselves to relearn what was staying in one place!
Our main focus has been our family, remodelling our little cottage, and exploring nature mainly around New Zealand and Argentina with our wee ones.
We do our best to live a conscious, fun and loving life; focusing on respecting others, nature or the environment.

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new brighton, christchurch

Hi! We are a family of 4, living in New Zealand, Christchurch.Heading to Canada-British Columbia- from mid-august till the end of September 2020. 😀

*some extra info about our place*
We live 1 block from the New Brighton beach, in our wee 2 bedroom cottage.

::2′ walk to::
local library
new outdoor hot water pool -soon to be open-
estuary -lovely to walk or bike along-bus stop

:: short bike ride to::
the forest, South Shore Reserve, Wetlands, Sports Centre (with really cool indoor pools, hydro slide, gymnastic activities)

Canterbury people are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding cold white stuff to slide on. There are 13 ski areas within two to four hours’ drive of Christchurch

::Nature exploring::Plenty of walks/tramps really close to Christchurch, the Peninsula is really close and stunning even for day trips

Address new brighton, christchurch