Florida Self-Directed Learning Community & Work Exchange for Family in Your Own 3/1 House.

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Unschooling / self-directed learning family of 4 in Gainesville, Florida, USA. Always looking to find adventure and to make connections.

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Looking for community? Come join our us (along with several other families that identify as worldschooers) in North-Central Florida for some length of time in the fall, spring, or summer months.

We have an uninhabited, furnished, ~1200 sqft., 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with a yard, fully-fenced backyard & play structure, internet, central heat & air conditioning, bus/RV parking space, and a washer & dryer which we would like to offer to a family in exchange for doing an average of ~2-4 hours a day of work in the yard and/or on the house you are staying in or mine. We are flexible. Length of time required will depend on your skill level and the project complexity. If you have other skills or services that you would like to offer, please let us know. If you would like to do additional work in exchange for groceries, we are sure a mutually agreeable arrangement can be made.

The house is one block over from my family’s home and both are in the same quiet, tree-filled, family-friendly, LGBTQ-friendly, diverse neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida surrounded by elementary and middle schools. Families of all shades and compositions should feel at home here. The home is a few blocks (in several directions) from various city bus lines and is about 10 minutes by car from our local airport. Bicycling is common in Gainesville, so if you purchased inexpensive bikes for your stay we could possibly buy them from you when you leave. Uber and Lyft can help as well, but, in general, having your own car will certainly help you get around our small city–especially when you want to explore other areas further out and around Florida.

There is a great city pool, track and field, parks, a library, a discount store, and a restaurant within walking distance of the home. There are variety of restaurants, farmer’s markets, and various supermarkets within 2 miles of the house.

We are sorry to say that we cannot accept families who bring their pets.

North-Central Florida is the home of many natural springs and parks and Gainesville has a large university, the University of Florida, which attracts people from all over the world for work, sports, health care, research, and study. Gainesville’s fall and spring seasons are cool to hot and rain can occur for some part of the day for many days in a row, but there is rarely a day without seeing the sun. Summer is the most hot and humid season and is not the best time for outdoor activities (like camping), but spending time in the cool springs or at pools and splash parks is always refreshing. We are not usually in much danger, beyond power outages, during hurricane season, as we are centrally located away from the coasts (two hours north of Orlando).

Our family is comprised of a father, mother, and two unschooled boys (a 6 year old who loves Legos, playing all day with friends, and nature & a 15 year old who loves Magic the Gathering, hanging with friends, learning new things, and finding hidden treasures outside). Dad is an IT Professional (at UF) who loves to climb trees, ride motorcycles, and write fiction. Mom (Talia, who is writing this) owns a photo booth business (UberBooth.com), runs the Thrive Hive (details below), is a local coordinator for an exchange program, and the admin of our local www.ChooseFI.com group focused on Financial Independence). Both parents enjoy singing and writing songs.

Talia’s parents recently purchased the house you will be staying in from our friend who lived in it for 15 years. The home is very livable, but we would like to give it some TLC and make it more attractive (painting, decorating, upgrading, yard maintenance, minor fixing, refinishing, landscaping, etc.). We will provide tools and supplies. My parents will be staying in the home in the winter months to escape the cold in Wisconsin, but the house will generally be available, spring, summer, and fall.

This year, the house will be available starting mid-August until some time before the end of year. We are fairly flexible on the end date.

In addition to offering this home, we have created a self-directed learning community here with about 12 homeschooled members and we are hoping a worldschooling family with at least one child between the ages of ~6-18 will join us at 1-3 day a week while staying in the house. The community is called Thrive Hive which follows the Agile Learning Center model of education (www.agilelearningcenters.org). We meet 3 days a week from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm and the cost is $18/day which just about covers supplies, the use of the space, and administrative overhead. The members have a voice in community decision-making & scheduling, access to resources for fun & learning, indoor and outdoor space, helpful staff members, field trips, and, most importantly, lots of free time to play, learn, and create as they see fit throughout the day. We welcome parents (and their kids) to freely offer their particular skills and talents to the members of the community as well. From juggling lessons to web design tutorials. From foreign languages to crafting. From teaching us a new game to swimming lessons (we use a neighborhood pool almost every day 🙂). It is very likely that there will be members open to something your family has some skill, passion, or interest in.

The daily fees for Thrive Hive may be adjusted based on how many of your children are participating, your financial situation, and the services you may offer in exchange. You are welcome to stay or leave your kids with us at the Thrive Hive.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please reach out to us to ask any additional questions you have and to let us get to know you better. Thank you for considering joining us in creating intentional community and making arrangements that are mutually beneficial to everyone! We can’t wait to meet you!

//We will post updated interior pics after we have furnished the home more.//

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