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I'm Micòl (45) mother of three sons aged 12, 9, 2.We live up on a hill in the countryside near Siracusa.We had a very free unschooling life until last year(2018) when Italian law changed and made the annual exam mandatory each year.Now we use some school resources to facilitate the relationship with the institution but what we love most is always learn from life, travelling and from our passions. I work as a doula and I offer also my competences in change of accomodatione when we travel.We host in change of help in the house sometimes.We used to host a lot in the past but now with the little one my need of protect the nest is bigger so we decide time by time.

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In sicily Up on a hill near Cassibile(10km from Siracusa )we have a simple house with two rooms available (a double bed in each) kitchen and bathroom.The house is located in a 2500m2 piece of land.The water for the house is supplied from the rain so it is requested to the host to pay attention to it but can also be purchased from a man with a tanker who comes to fill the tank.
The village is 5.5 km far but a car is needed because there is no public transport to the place or nearby and he hill is steep.
I ask to the house sitter to feed a dog and two cats and to water some young plants.
We live on a very smallscale economy just so I ask to everyone consiousness to be aware of the use of energy (we consider ‘normal an average consume of electricity of 25 euros per month; we don’t use as for example electrical devices for heating).
For any further question just contact us!

distance: 2,262 Kilometers
Address casadimicol