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401 E Arrowood Road Charlotte, NC 28217

At ALC Mosaic our main philosophy is that learning is natural and is happening all the time. We operate from a place of abundance, knowing that there are many ways for a person to lead a happy and fulfilling life! We believe that a satisfying life comes from knowing yourself and feeling like you have autonomy over your decisions. A life worth living is a life you are empowered to choose.

We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and serve students from age 5-18 full time and ages 2-4 part time. We are interested in having students visit our school for one week to multiple months depending on alignment around our school philosophy. We practice self-directed education that resonates with principles underlying the unschooling movement. Students here use lean and agile structures to help them organize their own day and group activities. There are no compulsory classes. We have caring and nurturing staff to support children, which could be facilitating a safe environment for free play, helping coordinate a field trip, or supporting a child in reaching an individual goal.

Full tuition for a month of school is $950, however we operate on a sliding scale. We have some room for flexibility and want our school to be accessible to all families. Families can use our online tuition worksheet to generate a proposed tuition recommendation based on their income. Simply divide the number by 10 to see what the monthly payment would be if you plan to stay for a shorter duration than a year.

Before enrolling during the school year, we would want to virtually meet a family via google hangout or skype if possible! It would be important that the family understands our philosophy by reading our website and emailing any additional questions they have.

We also offer summer camp every year, you would just need to check the website around January when we post details and register.

You can view many photos of the school through the albums on our Facebook Page! For any other questions please

Country United States of America
State/Province North Carolina
distance: 6,326 Kilometers
Address 401 E Arrowood Road Charlotte, NC 28217