How to be a brilliant house-sitter

September 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ How-to

How does house-sitting work?

One of the questions I am asked is “How does house sitting work?”

To be quite honest, I started the World Schooler Exchange website to help long term travellers with House Swaps and Rentals. House Sits were only added after group members asked for the section to be added. I just don’t have enough personal experience to give guidance in this area.

However, I do know someone who does…

The house-sit experts

Dalene and Pete Heck sold everything in 2009 and have been travelling the world ever since. They have house sat in more than 10 countries and were named National Geographic’s Travellers of the Year in 2014. Who better than to ask about house sitting tips?

I approached Dalene and asked her advice. It turns out this is a popular question they get asked and so she has now written an ebook on the subject.

How to become a house-sitter – and see the world

Their book – “How to become a house-sitter – and see the world” will tell you how they have saved thousands on travel and how you can too. Amongst other things it will show you how to write your profile and how you can achieve the best from your sit. It also gives you handy checklists you can go through before you accept any house sitting opportunity.

This book could literally save you a fortune on accommodation and help take you to places you have only dreamed of, allowing you to live and experience life like a local anywhere in the world.

Get the book

For more information on their book and to order a copy CLICK HERE
(It’s available in e-reader, Kindle and PDF formats)