How To Achieve a Successful House Swap

April 7, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ How-to

Browse listings

Scroll through all the property listings on the site and find one that suits your preferred location and your family’s requirements.

Check if the property has been reviewed already. What better way to understand your potential swappers location and home than to read what people have written who have visited already?

We recommend you look for swaps as early as possible. Don’t leave it to the last minute to look for something – although you may be flexible your hosts may require a bit more time to get organised. Also, flights can get busy around the main holiday seasons, turning a cheap vacation into a pricey trip, so organising in advance may save you money!

Make contact

Send the property owner a private message. Include a little information about yourself and your family. Give them your dates and check their availability. Direct them to your property advert on the site so they can find out about what you are offering them in exchange. Determine if your swap should be simultaneous or non-simultaneous.

Are you swapping their second home or their rental property?

Remember to make sure you advise your swapper how many guests are in your party. Don’t agree on a swap for your small family then invite your friends and extended family to join you. Same goes for pets, please don’t take one unless you have cleared it with your swapper first.

Get to know each other

We recommend you build up an online relationship with your potential swapper. Tell them a bit about your hobbies and interests, they, in turn, will be able to give you more details about what specifically could interest you in their neighbourhood. This will help you decide if this is the place for you or not. Another way to get to know your potential swapper is to arrange a Skype call.  You could then ask for a tour of their property to make sure you are a good fit for each other.  Remember photos can be staged – Seeing the property live rather than on a photo may help you understand if it will work for your family.

Make sure you understand the location of your swap. Is it on a bus route or do you need a car? Will they include their vehicle in the swap? This is a personal preference, some swappers offer one and some prefer to hire their own.

Look after the property

Some owners have a maid that services their home. Check if they will be servicing the property while you are there and if you are responsible for the fee. If there is no cleaner supplied, do leave the property as you found it. Clean down the kitchen, bathrooms, vacuum and mop the floors, strip the beds, take out the trash etc.

If your host isn’t going to be there to meet and greet you make sure you know who your point of contact is if you require assistance while you are in their property.

Leave a review

Once you return we would love for you to review your swap. Tell us how fabulous it was! We love to hear reviews.

This site is all about creating a fantastic community of World Schoolers helping each other achieve awesome experiences all over the world. Your input makes a big difference.