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AY UP (South Yorkshire for hello!) i live on the Nottinghamshire / south Yorkshire border UK right on the edge of Sherwood Forrest (... of Robin Hood fame!) I home ed my 13 yr old and visit my holiday home in Devon as much as possible, i would be happy to swap and/OR rent it out. We are open to any offers anywhere in the wORLD! I love to travel and really want to instill that sense of adventure into my kids! ( i have a 12 yr old at school as well) I have traveled to Australia, South Africa, America and Canada as well as Portugal, Spain and far too many places to list! We would consider pet sitting as part of a swap and we really would love some sunshine so a November or January stay would be lovely somewhere! As The Holt Bolt Hole Devon is my second home we do not have to do a straight swap - get in! e.g You have a week / Month available in Nov but would love to visit Devon in June - that might well be possible! flexibility should have been my middle name... it's not tho it's Jane LOL Please do msg me with any ideas... lets talk! All the best Pip... and yes OTTER really is my real last name! Px