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Hiya! My name is Bethany and our family lives in Sarnia Canada. We have three young children, 9B, 5G and 2G. We have been travelling for quite some time now, however, are eager to take it to the next level.
After travelling to the Azore last year, we have made it our mission to start seeing the world and teaching our children along the way.
I personally grew up in West Africa and can attest to the benefits that living overseas can give your children, and yourself!
I am a wedding photographer and my Husband sells real estate. Our jobs offer us the flexibility to travel and exploring has become a top priority to us.
My personal website is and my Husbands is
We have a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bath home steps to one of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario, Lake Huron. Our home is very child-friendly and very comfortably. We have great respect for our home and will treat yours just the same.
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