Belinda G.


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I've worked most of my adult life as a Travel Agent though currently I'm on maternity leave after giving birth to Millie in April 2017. I'm an avid knitter/crocheter which is a hobby I took up after the birth of Harriet to give me something to do (other than sit on my phone!) while I had a baby that would only sleep in my arms! If you are yarn obsessed like me you can find some of my creations on Instagram @knitstersociety

I’m a self proclaimed tech geek. I work as an I.T Helpdesk Officer and in my spare time you can find me on the Xbox.

I’m two, so I pretty much love everything! But my favourite things are parks, puzzles and Peppa Pig. I love petting my furbabies and playing with Millie’s ears.

I like eating, sleeping and pooping. My favourite thing at the moment is waking mummy and daddy up at night! I like giggling at my big sister but refuse to do this for anyone else.

My official name is Vladimir Purrrrrrtin, I am a Russian Blue cat after all. I like basking in the morning sun and cuddles with daddy at night.

My official name is Yasser Aracat. Apparently I’m a ragdoll cat but I think of myself more like a dog. I follow the humans around and am desperate for all of the attention.