Worldschool Village- Family Coworking in Alicante (Spain) 9th October-8th November

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Benimeli, Alicante, Spain

The Worldschool Village is a gathering for families of all backgrounds, no matter their country or language, families who want to live, work, and learn in freedom. They are uniting to learn from each other, work together in the long- or short-term, have fun, and make progress.

Throughout the month, a maximum of 16 families will live together in a relaxed setting near Benimeli, a town in Marina Alta surrounded by mountains and beach (in the region of Denia and Jávea).

Rather than living communally, they will live as neighbours, with two common spaces: the town and the Kurukan space.

Important: you can choose how long you want to stay with us: 1, 2, 3 weeks… or the whole month!

The first phase will consist of 7 intense days of work and exchange (not forgetting fun) that we call the “Workshops Week”, especially designed for families who want to set up or develop a business, start a new life, or gain knowledge and experience of the different ways to educate and raise children. The workshops will take place in the mornings and afternoons, and both adults and children will be welcome.

After a lot of thought, we have decided to hold the workshops week at the beginning of the month, from the 9th to the 15th of October, since this is more convenient for most families, and it makes more sense as the opening to the gathering.

The second phase will see the families living together over the 3 remaining weeks. Over the course of these weeks, although we will provide common spaces and occasional activities, the main focus will be on attendees organising themselves as they choose, proposing their own activities, or freely participating in the activities offered in the area.

As we mentioned, the gathering is designed for families who want to live, work, and learn in freedom. It is therefore a good option for families looking for a change, and who want to meet and strike up friendships with other like-minded families from Spain and around the world.

The main objective of the Worldschool Village is to create a space where families can work and make progress on the most important topics of their lives, but also where they can have an enjoyable time as a family, meet other people, and generally develop their projects without sacrificing their social and family lives.

Types of accomodation:

Organising accommodation yourself (but with access to Kurukan)
Minivan or caravan at a camping (2 km to Kurukan, we offer also bikes)
House or apartment


The price of workshops week (1st week) is €560 per family (not including accommodation), regardless of the number of members. This allows access to the four daily workshops during the seven days. In other words, each workshop comes to €25.

To use the Kurukan space, the price is €70 per family, per week (the resting 3 weeks). The payment for the Kurukan space is included in the €560 price for the workshops week.

As for accommodation, the cost is also calculated by family (regardless of the number of members), and depends on the type of accommodation and length of stay.

The price of houses and apartments varies between €300 to €350 per week or €800 to €900 per month. Single rooms are €200 to €250 per week or €600 to €700 per month.

The night in the camping costs 9€ including 2 people, +1.5€ for each extra person. If you are staying longer than 3 weeks (21 días), the price goes down to 7€ per night, 1.5€ for each extra person. You have to add the payment for the Kurukan space. This means, if a family with 4 people is staying for 2 weeks they will pay 308€ (168€ camping + 140€ Kurukan).

Please send us an email ( so we can send you a quote with a fixed price for your time with us (the prices vary considerably and depend on your needs and the accommodation that is available at the time of request).

We are looking forward to spend a wonderful time with you there ! 🙂

Country Spain
State/Province Comunidad Valenciana
distance: 1,718 Kilometers
Address Benimeli, Alicante, Spain