Nicaragua – A Guided Retreat (TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF?)

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Hi!...I’m Martha Nieset. Two years ago I took the leap and we became worldschoolers. I've absolutely fallen in love with introducing my son to the world, teaching him about other ways that people live, and witnessing the wonder in his eyes when he has an experience outside his “normal” zone.

I had dreamed of helping him learn Spanish while his mind could effortlessly grasp it, and of showing him that there is more than one way to live in this beautiful world. To me worldschooling was about doing something I loved (getting to know new people, places and cultures) alongside him. We made it all happen together and now after getting to know Nicaragua in such a special way we are inviting other families to join us in learning about this wonderful country through our cultural immersion family excursions.

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Granada, Granada Department, Nicaragua

Nicaragua – A Guided Retreat
8 days of Rest & Cultural Engagement
October 8-15, 2017

WOULDN’T YOU LOVE TO TREAT YOURSELF? Join me this October on A Nicaragua Guided Retreat. (Ommm!) 7 nights: Islands. Volcanoes. Architecture. Art. Beaches. Horseback. Space limited to 10 people, sign up today. $1350.

Come see why so many people are heading to Nicaragua for authentic, engaged travel.

Country Nicaragua
State/Province Departamento de Granada
distance: 8,645 Kilometers
Address Granada, Granada Department, Nicaragua